Selected Raw Materials
All our lashes are made by a lash material called “Korea PBT”
PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), is a synthetic semi-crystalline engineered thermoplastic. A high-performance material, it has a high molecular weight and a reputation for being a strong, flexible and resistant plastic.

Our lashes benefit from these advantages.
PBT creates natural looking lashes with a gorgeous soft and glossy sheen which doesn’t lose its curl. Not only this, but PBT causes the least chance of an allergic reaction on human skin compared with all other eyelash extension materials.

The most import thing is that the “Korea PBT” is cruelty free.
Mature and Superb Craftsmanship
DancingSwan Beauty (TsingTao) Co., Ltd have our own factory and skilled manual technicians to strictly control every processes of production. We conduct environmental disinfection regularly and put every single eyelash in UHT treatment for the best quality and safety.
Focus on woman’s beauty and safety
“Top Quality and Best Service” is our obligation! Trying to help every women stand at the forefront of the beauty we will launch new products every quarter and all the products passed the quality inspection, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE so that every one can enjoy their beauty bloom and carefree.