Company profile
DancingSwan Beauty (TsingTao) Co., Ltd
Add: NO.237 Wannianquan Rd, Qingdao, China
We only supply top quality eyelash extensions to every customer with wholesale competitive prices.
Corporate Values
  1. Be honest and trustworthy, sincerely treat others.
  2. Don’t spread negative infomation, don’t work with negative emotion.
  3. Do it quick without fear of mistakes and correct it immediately.
  4. Reward mistakes and punish fouls.
  5. Whoever sees is in charge.
  6. All about service
Factory introfdution
DaningSwan Beauty (TsingTao) Co., Ltd have our own factor and skilled manual technicians to strictly control every process of production. We conduct environmental disinfection regularly and out every single eyelash in UHT treatment for the best quality and safety.
DancingSwan Quality Assurance
Dear Customers
Thanks so much for purchasing products from DancingSwan Beauty(TsingTao) Co, Ltd.
In order to ensure the product quality, clarify responsibilities of both buyers and sellers about the product quality and ensure product safety, here are our promises:
(l) We promise our products are up to the quality standards which means we are responsible for the quality of the products. We can supply the quality documents if necessary:
(Ⅱ) We promise our packages and registered trademarks are under the national regulations.
(ll)Our products are based on customers quality and package requirements. Either they will be based on our regular standard. We will confirm the products and package details with our clients before arranging orders. And arrange production once they agree. We ensure the stability and gradual improvement of product quality.
(IV) Customers should store the products strictly according to the storage conditions and use the products in the right way.Otherwise the customers are responsible for product quality problems caused by the improper storangement and usuage of the product.
(V)If customers’ clients complain the quality problem, we promise to solve the problems positively with them. And we will bear the corresponding responsibilities and expenses.
(Ⅵ) About the controversy of quality problem∶
We will inspect those products in the customers order strictly and promise the fairness/scientificity of the testments. We will re-produce for the substandard products.
Customers should feedback the pictures and videos for the quality problems.
We will negotiate with our customers for the solution of certain quality problem .(return/refund/compensation ect.)
(V) The quality assurance is effective once the customer made payment, and it will be terminated 6 months later once the customer received the products.