Quality Lashes Fast Easy Fanning Eyelash Extensions

Quality Lashes Products Description:

  • Self-fanning lashes with multiple lengths
  • Natural, yet voluminous look
  • Enable stylists at all level to create Russian volume fans

About Easy Fanning Lashes

DancingSwan Self Fanning lash extensions jammed packed onto the lash strip with an additional tackiness at the base make these a great lash product for those beginning their journey in volume lashing or even for experienced lash artists looking for a speedy alternative to normal handmade volume lashes.

1.  They Save Time
When it comes to doing eyelash extensions, time is money.  Using conventional volume lashes and hand crafting each individual fan takes so much time.  Another thing to consider is how much time it takes to truly master the volume technique.  This can take months to years!  Using FAST FANNING LASHES will save you from all of that trouble!
2. They Save Money
Learning an advanced method like the volume technique can be very expensive when you consider the cost of taking several classes.  Courses that are online or in person can cost anywhere from $500- $2000.  This can be really difficult to afford for a new lash tech who is just starting out.  Using Easy Fanning Volume Lashes is a great alternative because you can create the look of volume lashes with only a few hours of practice.
Another way Easy Fanning Lashes can save money is that there are more lashes per tray than conventional volume lash trays.  You can also create more fans using one tray than what comes on a tray of pre-made fans.

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