Lash Shampoo Near Me Best Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies


Product Foam cleanser
Net 60ml/100ml
MOQ 1pc for your sample first
Custom Label MOQ: 30pcs
Delivery 24 hours with our logo

7-10 days for your private sticker


DancingSwan lash pro wholesale foaming lash shampoo now comes in an even more gentle formula! The soft and airy foam removes oil, makeup, and pollutants from lashes without leaving behind any residue. Regular use of this shampoo will prevent oils from breaking down the bond of lash extension adhesives and extend their retention.

Directions: With a small, soft makeup brush, apply the foam cleanser to your lashes. Use water to thoroughly wash off the foam. Lightly dry with a lint-free towel. After your extensions are dry, use a mascara wand to brush them back into place.

The shampoos can be purchased individually or in sets of 30 (for your private sticker).  Pair them with our lash remover for squeaky-clean lashes.

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