Curved Tweezers Best Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies

Curved Tweezers Key Information:

  • Stainless steel
  • Anti-rust
  • Non-magnetic
  • 11.1cm

DancingSwan curved hook tweezers are Ideal for picking up fans and attaching them when you perform the volume lash extension. This type can also be used for isolation on clients with a prominent forehead or deep eye sets. 

If you are a lash techncian looking for eyelash extension tweezers sets, look no further. Here are DancingSwan lash pro, we offer many different tweezers for eyelash extensions for techs and estheticians that you’ll need to service your clients.

You’ll find the best prices here, along with four-group service that will have you coming back for all your eyelash extension supplies, time and time again.

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