Color Tray Wholesale Eyelash Extension Manufacturer

Color tray key information:

  • Sterilized PBT material
  • Semi-gloss with a slight taper
  • Double heated for curl retention
  • Slightly glossier + less curly than Couture
  • Thinner, orange style strip
  • Made by hand
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan lashes

DancingSwan lash pro latex-free Colorful Lashes are bold and eye-catching for sure. You can adorn your customers in one of four different colors—or, if you’re feeling super creative and your customer wants a particularly bold look, then you can apply colorful Eyelash Extensions in a mix of 75 colors. Our Colored lash trays have a 0.07 thickness. They come in a mixed tray that contains lashes ranging between 6mm and 20mm, allowing you to play around with the length you want and offer looks that are perfect for every occasion.

Enjoy a dramatic look with the help of our Colorful Eyelashes. The colored volume lash trays are matte and feature a taper that will give you a wispy, whimsical appearance. You’ll never want to settle for plain mascara again.

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