2 Second Glue Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies

2 Second Glue Key Information:

  • 2-3s drying time
  • 6-8 weeks retenion
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Matte Black Color
  • Low Fume
  • Flexible

At DancingSwan, we have 5 different types of lash adhesives. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your career and one that will work for each of your clients!

We are your biggest advocate; we want you to succeed! Here is everything you need to know about our lash glue.

Gold Glue: 0.5-1 second drying time

Black Glue: 1 second drying time, great retention and more than 8 weeks

Silver Glue: 2-3 seconds drying time

White Glue: 2-3 seconds drying time, No Irritaion for the SENSITIVE ONLY


Eyelash Glue Color

Black and clear eyelash glue can both be good options, depending on the situation. In reality, you may want to have both on hand, since they each have strengths and drawbacks.

Here’s when to use each type of color:

  • Black Eyelash Glue: Does your client plan on wearing black lashes and/or black eyeliner? If so, black glue is probably your best bet. Black glue will easily blend in with the rest of the eye makeup and give a seamless, professional-looking finish. But if they’re using brown or any other color of lash or liner, black glue will stand out too much.
  • Clear Eyelash Glue: Choose clear eyelash glue when you’re working with eyelashes or eyeliner that is any color other than black. If the clear glue dries shiny, the client can make it appear more matte by going over it with eyeliner or eye shadow.

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