I found the contact information of this customer from ins.
On November 2nd, i sent message to her whatsapp and asked if she had her own brand. One day later she replied “Hi no i don’t”.
Have our own designer who can help customers design label cards for free, so just asked if she has a logo. If so, we can help her design a few. Customer sent here logo and we made one type for her check first.
The customer said “For the numbers 1-16 on the side is it possible to add my logo instead or at least a brown heart?” The logo is composed of words and pictures, complicated and will not very clear after printing. I explained it to the customer and agreed to replace it with a brown heart icon and we made the effect picture for her again.
Asked if the second picture okay for her. The customer did not reply, but asked: “Can i also get your Instgram and catalogue?” After sending my Instgram account and our catalogue the customer replied: “Hm too big .Can you try this one”, and then sent her favorite icon and it is a flower symbol.
The customer did not like the pink color and felt that the color of one word was inconsistent with the color of her logo, so we made the fifth edition.
Sent the new picture again, the customer said: “I don’t like the flower” and changed back to the the original heart-shaped icon and it was the sixth edition.
She still want to add her instgram account number at the bottom of the label card so we made the Seventh Edition. Finally satisfied and said “It’s perfect”