Wendy is our regualr customer and she always love our lashes.
On March 5th, she recommended our company to a friend who named Camellia.
Camellia’s first message was “Do you have .03 in D, C and CC”? She wanted to try the volume lashes with single length. Most of our stocks were mixed 8-15mm then suggested sample first and can make the exact length she like for the bulk order. After sending the invoice she agreed and sent the payment.
Camellia did not give any feedback within a month and a half after receiving the sample.
On May 7, she sent her private logo and want to make her own brand lash extensions. We made the effect picture for her check first. She liked the picture very much but considering the delivery date she perfered our logo this time. In the next four months, she keep ordering lashes from us every month.
On December 3th, she asked “How much is it with logo if i were to put my own” again. We spent three days discussing the label cards and finally reached to the agreement. On the 30th we shipped her brand lash extensions and till now Camellia has her own brand.